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Your Personal Paradise
There is a place in Mexico - just two and a half hours direct flight from LAX- that will utterly astound you with its enchanting natural and historical beauty. The town of Loreto at Loreto, Baja is rich with historic Mexican culture, architecture, and traditions - a blend of colonial buildings, important history, delightful shops, gracious people, and inviting restaurants. Most people who come to Loreto-Baja say it's extremely captivating because it's so unique, so special, so dramatically different!

With its commanding, strategic setting-perfectly situated on the Baja coast of the Sea of Cortez; its inspiring, twenty-five mile-wide crescent bay protected by a circle of islands; its crystal-clear, calm sapphire blue waters; its semi-tropical landscape; and its regal mountains that seem to reach right into the stunning, spectacular waters of the sea - This is Loreto Baja… truly a place unlike ANY other.

Loreto-Baja is home to so many rare and magnificent species of marine life that Jacques Cousteau called it “The World’s Aquarium”. 

The bay is so calm and the waters surrounding it so rich and bountiful that it’s home to nearly 700 different species of rare and important fish…which is why the Mexican government has designated 1200 nautical miles of this part of the Sea of Cortez a national treasure and a marine park/preserve, and the UN has named it a World Heritage Site.

Loreto-Baja overflows with a feeling of serenity, purity, and charm, that lifts your spirits, animates your emotions, energizes your senses- and beckons you to stay.

Discovered by the Spanish explorers over 300 years ago, then chosen as the perfect setting for the first mission in Baja California… Selected by the first governor of ALL the Californias as the location for his capital and personal home; Loreto is a magical place that has captivated visitors and residents for centuries.

 Whether you’re seeking a permanent residence, a vacation retreat, or a retirement home - there’s something special here you need to explore.

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