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¿Who is Homex?

Homex, Las Villas de Mexico concept designer, is experience, leadership, the best corporate practices and social responsibility.

Desarrolladora Homex is the industry leader in housing development sector in Mexico. The company specializes in the construction of successful and integrated communities, with homes that grow in value for the families that decide to make the most important investment of their lives.

With the only mission of: “Improve that community’s way of life, with superior quality housing developments.”

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A little bit of history of Homex

Homex was founded in Culiacan, Sinaloa in 1989, and continues expanding operations across Mexico while at the same time the Company has replicated its business model at three cities in Brazil. Homex’ dynamic nature has allowed the Company to identify, respond and adapt to market opportunities, supported by a solid operative and administrative team as well as by an effective and efficient use of its IT and construction systems which has been the cornerstone for its growth.

Why buy with Homex??

  • 23 years of experience in the home building industry.            
  • Largest homebuilder in México, based on the number of homes sold, revenues and net income.
  • Homex is the only Mexican homebuilder with a Dual Listing Status. Our shares are fully listed in both the New York Stock Exchange (HXM) and the Mexican Stock Exchange (HOMEX.MX).

Corporate Governance

  • Proud member of the OCDE Latin-American Companies Circle
  • Latin American company with the highest corporate governance standards
  • 2006 Garrigues- Affinitas Award
  • 2010 Euromoney's Best Managed Companies in Latin America Awards
  • Award winning corporate responsibility programs

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