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tit loreto amenitieslineLoreto is "the place"
for people who love nature and ecotourism. You'll find a variety of outdoor activities that keep you in contact with the area's marvelous flora and fauna.
Explore the paths that surround the majestic Sierra de la Giganta on a leisurely hike or bike ride. Relax with a round of golf cooled by the ocean breeze.


Go kayaking or snorkeling with wild dolphins and sea lions. Or if you prefer, enjoy a quiet day of fishing amid spectacular scenery.

Go diving in the World's Aquarium along reefs covered with underwater vegetation unlike anything you've seen!
Take a tour to the islands that surround Loreto, including La Isla Coronado and La Isla del Carmen, where the blue sea turns to turquoise as you approach their soft sand beaches, and tropical fish of all colors can seen in the crystalline waters.

Loreto activities


Snorkel alongside puffer fish and other marine curiosities in the warm turquoise waters. Explore the rich coral reefs at Danzantes Island home to the infamous Honeymoon cove, La Ventana arch, and an intriguing submarine shaped rock.



Paddle through warm, crystal clear water. Explore Loreto´s islands or discover three types of mangroves home to a vast diversity of marine life. Gaze down, through the water and you may be timely and see a sea turtle or manta ray pass by underneath. It´s not uncommon that curious dolphins want to accompany you on your discovery of the magnificent Sea of Cortez.

Whale watching

January through March travel to Magdalena Bay on the Pacific Ocean where annually gray whales travel over 4,000 miles to get to their favorite vacation spot to feed and play. gaze at mothers with their calves. Feel the excitement as a whale the size of a school bus swims to your boat, gently nudging it and the thrill of gently touching its spongy skin bejeweled with barnacles.

The National Marine Park, Bahia de Loreto, is one of the best places in the world to whale-watch. You may see minke, finback, humpback, sperm, brydes, and pilot whales, dolphins and the critically endangered vaquita marina, endemic to the Sea of Cortez and, if you´re lucky, the world´s largest mammal – the blue whale!

Sport Fishing


Enjoy this extraordinary sport and the remarkable fish in the Sea of Cortez. The captain will lead you right to where the action is for 7 hours of exciting world-class sport fishing. Loreto offers many game fish including: sailfish, striped marlin, black and blue marlin, wahoo, and cabrilla. Experience first hand some of the world´s best fishing and what can prove to be the best of your life.

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Scuba Diving

Whether you are a novice or advanced diver Loreto offers diverse dive sites with more than 30 and several wreckages in the surrounding islands. Deep, drift, shallow, wreck, with rocky bottoms, jutting walls, undercuts, overhangs, or reef systems every dive is unique and a truly unforgettable experience. Submerge into the incredibly rich flora and fauna of the Sea of Cortez.


Solace, refuge, adventure; the Sea of Cortez offers this and so much more. Treat yourself to a gorgeous sunset on the Sea of Cortez followed by playful dolphins at the boats wake. Sail to Danzantes Island home to the pristine Honeymoon cove, La Ventana arch, and an intriguing submarine shaped rock. Make your way along the coast where the sea laps at white sand beaches that unfold one after another, like a string of turquoise stones.


Coronado Island

Enjoy a day exploring the beautiful white sand beaches and clear, turquoise waters of Isla Coronado. Tour around the island in a panga boat to observe local wildlife including various species of sea birds and a sea lion colony. After touring around the island, stop at one of Coronado’s beaches to swim, snorkel, wander the island’s hiking trails or simply soak up the sun on the white sand!

Bird Watching

Visit a beautiful costal and desert ecosystem. Observation of 3 types of hummingbirds, woodpeckers, roadrunners, pelicans, pipers, cardinals, cranes, herons, hawks among other species.


Hike to Primer Agua, one of the first Jesuit ranches in the Baja. Explore the ruins of a house and corral where the first missionaries established. Be impacted by the astounding natural beauty of the Sierra de La Giganta. Surround yourself in the essence of the Baja.

Loreto Historic Center

Discover Loreto´s charming historic center. Stroll under arched trees past city hall and by the gazebo where, for generations, many locals have shared their first kiss. Continue to the Loreto Mission, which, due to being the first Jesuit settlement in the peninsula (1697) is considered the mother of all the missions in the Alta and Baja California.

Learn of the Missions history, the hurricanes and earthquakes it has survived and Father Modesto Sanchez´s reconstruction of the mission in the middle XX century.

See the fascinating relics conserved including: liturgical objects, oil paintings, Baroque altar and the original Our Lady of Loreto sculpture.

Next door to the mission is the Loreto Museum. Follow your guide through the history of the natives and first missionaries in Loreto. See collections of tools, weapons and religious art from the XVII and XVIII centuries that were used in the Spanish missions in Baja California. Rest under the shade of fruit trees in the peaceful courtyard and admire the mission bell tower.


San Javier

Travel 36 KM’s west of Loreto into the heart of the Sierra de la Giganta Mountains to the charming village of San Javier. The Misión de San Francisco Javier, was the second mission established by the Jesuits in the Californias. Because it is so well preserved, it is considered to be the “Queen of the Missions”. Admire the beautiful architecture, sign and look through the huge guestbook containing decades of visitors´ signatures from around the world.

After touring the mission, visit a palm filled oasis, a 300 yr old olive tree and a working ranch with an organic farm.



Take in the breathtaking views of the Bahía Concepcion as you travel north from Loreto to the historic town of Mulege, a true oasis in the desert. Time allowing, make several stops along the way to enjoy Conception Bay´s white sand beaches and cristal clear waters. Once in Mulege, tour the over 300 year old mission, town and its historic buildings.

Santa Rosalia

On the way to the French colony style town, Santa Rosalia, visit a pristine beach in Conception Bay and a brief tour of the Mulege Mission. Discover the old copper mines that sustained this town in the past. Find the train and train tracks from 1890´s, admire the church in Santa Rosalia that shares the same designer as the Eiffel tower, and tour a 110 yr old French bakery.

Cave Paintings

Journey north to Canipole into the foothills of the Guadalupe mountains and step into the past. Hike with an experienced guide through beautiful desert scenery to reach the cave with fascinating ancient paintings..

Sea Turtle

Participate in data collection for sea turtle preservation in an overnight trip to Coronado Island. Camp on the beach in a tent or under the stars. Participate in night shifts checking nets for sea turtles. On moonless nights watch awe-inspiring light shows in the water below, as giant manta rays swoop and plunge stirring up thousands of tiny bioluminescent creatures. Learn about the turtles with your guides who promote sea turtle awareness among local fisherman and throughout community. In the morning help identify species, measure, weigh, tag, name and release the turtles. Feel the honor and wonder of touching a grand sea turtle and watching it glide into turquoise water back to the open sea.


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